Estudis Musicals Atlàntida (EMA) started in year 2006 bound to the will of the Musical Director and of the Orfeó Atlàntida Executive Board, organization rooted to the district of Hostafrancs from its foundation in 1926. EMA offered the most complete musical formation to the children and young people of the district in general.

The initial idea, to re-establish children and adolescents choir sections which to give the continuity to the Orfeó’s project, was developed to the creation of a new music school that offered to the district a novel concept in the musical education matter.

EMA began to work at the 2006-2007 academic year. It used the Hostafrancs Cultural Foundation’s buildings. Nowadays EMA uses the Escola Pia Sant Antoni bilding placed in the Sant Antoni district.

Estudis Musicals Atlàntida is based on a solid, progressive and enthusiastic pedagogical model in which are remarked pedagogical aspects of the musical education of the West, as well as the one that make reference to the Eastern Europe music pedagogy.

We are a new music school, but with a lot of desire and illusion placed in the future.