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Final Concert

7th of Juny, at 18h., Concert hall of Joan Pelegrí Secondary School (Torre d’en Damians 6 Str.) Free entrance: untill 18 years old Entrance: 3 euros

Enrollment to EMA

Enrollment open during all the accademic course. Place: Joan Pelegrí Primary School, 13-23 “Ermengarda” Str.,classroom 4A, Estudis Musicals Atlàntida. Course opening: 2019 September 9th.

Modern harmony

Choral singing

Raquel Campomas

Classical singing

Daniel Casas

Classical singing

Bru Corbella

Piano, Music Education, Ear training

León Fuertes

Piano, Music Education

Laura Valls

Violin, Ear training, Circle of instruments, Rhythm and Drums

Circle of instruments, Rhythm and Drums